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The Historic Centre of Florence, which is within the closed circle of paths that trace over the old medieval walls, has been included in the World Heritage List in 1982 during the sixth session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. The desire to preserve and enhance the immense wealth of the city has led to the establishment within the Department of Culture of the City of Florence, a special structure, the Historic Centre Bureau UNESCO World Heritage, and the formulation and implementation of the Management Plan.



Firenze Per Bene


The goal of Firenze per Bene is to educate tourists and citizens in order to achieve an attitude of respect and appreciation of the historical and artistic heritage of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. This will be achieved through the elimination of the coercive tone of the prohibitions and through an augmentation of the awareness of being in an environment of exceptional beauty in which all must help in its conservation and development.

The goal of Firenze per Bene.

The project is promoted and coordinated by the city through the office of UNESCO and implemented through the collaboration of the Foundation Angeli di Bello (leader of a group of partners according to their vocations and skills involved in the project).


The project is funded by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, as required by the Law of 20 February 2006, 77 "Special measures of protection and enjoyment of Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environment, included in the 'Heritage List world ', placed under the protection of UNESCO. "

In addition of the Foundation of Angeli del Bello, whose business is based on voluntary work, other partners of the project are the UNESCO Centre of Firenze, which coordinates the volunteers, of which there are currently ten, and provides for their education and the translation of the texts distributed; The trans-disciplinary chair of UNESCO - Culture of Peace and human development at the University of Florence, created the questionnaire that monitors the understanding of the importance of the UNESCO site and observers the compliance of the visitors, also through social networks; the Foundation Romualdo del Bianco- Life Beyond Tourism which through its portal ( spreads awareness and encourages tourists to maintain sustainable behavior within the city, and in particular, the historical centre. Florence Parking also makes a significant contribution to the success of the project by providing shelter for cargo bikes.

Firenze per Bene is a concrete gesture to raise awareness among citizens and visitors to experience the city with a greater awareness and attention. To achieve the mission of the project, volunteers will use two cargo bikes (which are made available by the Foundation of Angeli di Bello and are organized explicitly from the studio of Royai-Weber) and will be positioned in the city, distributing maps to visitors and citizens in the historic center where there are the major points of interest (Fontanelli, bike rentals, public toilets ..) and at the citizen Info Points (the station square, Bigallo in Piazza San Giovanni, Via Cavour 1/re airport). Furthermore, there is a handbook in Italian, with English printed on the back, in order to make the Florentines and the visitors feel involved in and aware of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The knowledge of being in a site per BENE, which is a unique and incomparable heritage site for all mankind, will inspire the implementation of good practices and behavior, therefore, safeguarding the site for future generations.

Volunteers in cargo-bikes are also equipped with two tablets in which tourists and citizens can submit a questionnaire prepared by the University of Florence. Those who answer the survey will receive pocket ashtrays.

The two-cargo bikes will be present during experimental days of Fridays and Saturdays, in conjunction with special events and during periods of increased tourist influx within the city. Citizens and tourists will then be encouraged to enjoy the historic centre, taking advantage of the services available in the city, and ultimately avoiding disrespectful behavior with regards to monuments, churches and streets; therefore preventing the occasion to dirty, deface or disfigure any cultural heritage.

More information dedicated to “Firenze per Bene” will be shortly available on webpage dedicated to the project on the website:


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